Doom Dome

The Doom Dome is the heavy amphibious unit of the Series 21. It brings dead to land and water. In contrast to its little brother the radiator, the Doom Dome is much more robust. He can take significantly more hits and deal significantly more. On the other hand, it is much slower and more expensive to produce. This investment is worthwhile, however, as a direct confrontation with him is usually fatal for the enemy.

The Doom Dome does not have a hover drive like the Barrage Craft but an anti-gravity drive. This is a high-tech way of life.


The armament is an Alpha Plassma Emitter Cannon (Alpha PEC) with enormous penetration and a medium range. The Doom Dome is therefore not a rifleman and also not a close combat fighter like its little brother.


The Doom Dome belongs to the M6 - Corvette vehicle class. This vehicle class describes heavy amphibious units with medium armament. This also includes the Barrage Craft of the Survivors and the Death Hippo of the Evolved.

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