Renewable Energy Sources

There are different types of renewable energy sources. The ones I want to introduce to you today are those of the lower tech levels. Each faction has its own way of producing energy, even without oil. That is the big advantage over oil. A base should only be set up where there is oil. Renewable energy sources are used, so you can base your base in places where there is no oil and thus be independent. The only downside is that they produce fewer resources than the traditional way.

The Solar Collector

The Solar Collector belongs to the faction of survivors. I hope I don't have to tell anyone how a solar cell works. or maybe yes? OK! A solar cell generates electricity. i know amazing. So it depends on the time of day, but the energy source is infinite. Unfortunately it only works when the sun is shining.

The Big Egg

As the name suggests, this is a giant egg that is used to produce energy. The Evolved put a beast's egg into the device. This is to prevent the beast from hatching. Then pipes are installed that extract the gases and use them to generate energy. The Evolved Big Egg had a great advantage over that of the other factions. It is independent of the weather and the time of day. It continuously produces energy.

The Windmill

The series 21 Windmill uses wind to generate energy. Unfortunately, this incredibly innovative technology only works when there is wind. Otherwise she just stands around in the corner and is bored. But when there is wind, it generates more energy than the solar collector or the Big Egg.

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