The Barn is the main data center of each Series 21 base. It begins his life as a Mobile Barn and can be deployed. With the barn you can build all other buildings.

Weapon Control

Thats the Weapon Control of the Series 21. Which this building all technologies can be researched. Upgrading this building will bring a larger selection of weapons, units and turrets.



This is the Series 21 Technostudy. It's just a giant processor that you can use to upgrade any other building.


The windmill produces energy through wind. You can only learn something like that with us. It had the great advantage of being an independent source of energy.

Distance Seeder

The Distance Seeder is a small defense tower with high range but little damage. He is cheap to build and is the best defense when you have no money.

Pod Cannon

The Pod Canon is the all-purpose weapon when it comes to defense. Medium range, medium damage but massive armor. In conjunction with the Distance Seeder they form a good line of defense.

Solar Intensifier

The Solar Intensifier is an air defense position. This AA Tower is your last defense against flying enemies but the Solar Intensifier can only attack enemies in the air.

Lightning Generator

The Lightning Generator is one of the heaviest defenses. He produces an arc that burns almost everything. The disadvantage is that he has to recharge before he can shoot.


The Patrolbot is perfect for quickly exploring a terrain. Fast cheap and easy to replace.


Medium-strong unit. Her advantage is that she is amphibious. In this way, it can cost-effectively research and defend the world's oceans.

Doom Dome

The Doom Dome is the heaviest amphibious unit and with its two cannons it is also a powerful enemy that should not be underestimated.