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Below you will find the FAQ which can answer many of your questions.


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  • What is Assaracos?
    The KKND Project Assaracos is a fan remake of KKND2: Krossfire. The models you can find under concept models are meant to be reminiscent of the original KKND2: Krossfire assets.
  • What is OpenKrush?
    OpenKrush project is a mod for KKND1 game, real-time strategy game released in 1997. The game was known for its tongue-in-cheek humor and the difficulty of their campaign. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the first game let the player choose between two factions: The Survivors (Humans) and the Evolved (Mutants).
  • Are there custom missions for KKND or KKND Xtream as well?
  • Are there custom campaigns for KKND or KKND Xtream as well?
  • How can i install a custom mission?
    Place file (only .mis and .lpc file) in C:/Games/KKND Krossfire/LEVELS/Custom Go the main menu and select custom mission. Then a list of a maximum of 20 missions will appear. Choose one and the game will start.
  • The game crashed before the custom mission has loaded.
    The names of the custom missions have been expanded. The names of the creators have been added to enable easier assignment. However, this can mean that the custom missions no longer work on some systems because the filename is too long. In this case you should change the name of the missions (.mis and .lpc file).
  • The game crashed after loading a custom mission Save File.
    It is possible that you can save a custom mission but the game crashed when loading the save file. In this case you can try to use a filename without spaces. On some systems, the Game crashed if there are spaces in the Name of the save file when loading the save file. For example: Nahoo - Kill all Mutants.lpc Nahoo_-_Kill_all_Mutants.lpc
  • I can only see 50 missions although there are more in the folder.
    That is correct. KKND2: Krossfire can display a maximum of 50 custom missions in the menu. No matter how many custom missions you have in your folder, only 50 of them will be displayed. So pick out the 50 missions that you really want to play.
  • Are custom missions compatible with steam and gog version of KKND2: Krossfire?
  • How can I install a custom campaign?
    Place file (only .lpc and .lps file) in C:/Games/KKND Krossfire/LEVELS Note that this process overwrites the original campaign. Either you save the original files or you download them again in the download area. In the case of a collapse of society, you can also get them back via a new installation. Go to the main menu and start the campaign. Now you no longer play the original campaign but the new one.
  • How can i install a multiplayer map?
    Place file (only .lpm and .mim file) in C:/Games/KKND Krossfire/LEVELS/multi
  • How can i select a multiplayer map?
    Go to the multiplayer menu. Under maps you will now find the maps that you have moved into the "multi" Folder. With the numpad control or the arrow keys you can scroll in the map and view all starting points or view the map completely.
  • I can only see 20 maps although there are more in the folder.
    KKND2: Krossfire can handle a maximum of 20 multiplayer maps. If you can't find your multiplayer map, check whether you have too many maps in the Folder.
  • cannot establish a TC-IP Connection in.
    The multiplayer code of KKND2: Krossfire is Instable. Do not be surprised if you cannot establish a TCP-IP connection. It takes a lot of luck for this to work. VPN services such as Hamachi still work best.
  • After loading a custom campaign, I only have a black radar.
    No idea why this happens but the solution is simple. First load the campaign mission and then your save game.
  • Couldn't create new unit bug.
    This often happens with the Steam or GoG version of the game. Try the Kwipv3 mod which you can find in the download area or go to the game folder, open options and try changing maximum unit values.
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