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The Kmpe is an unstable Mission Editor for KKND2: Krossfire.

34.1 mb

KME 2.0.7.jpg

KME 2.0

The KME 2.0 is a stable Mission Editor for KKND2: Krossfire - made by  0xAA55

64.7 mb


Terrain Editor

KKnD2 Terrain Editor is unofficial advanced map editing tool designed for KKnD2: Krossfire -

Made by Kruszer0x29A

39.0 mb

terrain editor_edited.jpg

KP Editor

This it the new English version of the KP Editor for KKND++’s KME 2.0 Editor -

made by 0xAA55

1.8 mb

KP editor_edited.jpg

Pic to KM

This tool can convert an entire picture file into a KM file. It will work with any photos or pictures, you can even take a photo with your camera and use this as a map - made by  0xAA55

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pic to km_edited_edited.jpg


I found this on the internet. it is the Pic to KM Tool from 0xAA55. But I have no idea what the SRC stands for

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pic to src_edited_edited.jpg


These Tilsets (.KP Files) are for the KME 2.0 and the Terrain Editor.

Attention, Tilsets are included in the KME Downloads. Only this package will be  continually updated.

30.4 MB

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