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Campaign 2.0 Update

Updated: 4 days ago

The Campaign 2.0 is a brand new mission briefing based campaign for KKND2: Krossfire. In this update post I would like to keep you up to date on the progress. The progress can be seen in the table below.

The green missions are finished and can be viewed on the

YouTube playlist. The yellow missions are currently in progress and the red missions still need to be completed.

Surv_01 - Heavy Weapons Operation Completed

Surv_02 - Impending Annihilation Completed

Surv_03 - Phoenix River Suicide Trip

Surv_04 - The Great Escape

Surv_05 - First to the Middle

Surv_06 - Hide and Seek

Surv_07 - Kamikaze Squad

Surv_08 - Death from Above

Surv_09 - Special Delivery In Progress

Surv_10 - Strike Three

Surv_11 - Death to the Freaks

Surv_12 - Lets get Technical

Surv_13 - The Convoy

Surv_14 - Charlie don't Surf

Surv_15 - This Aint Avalon Completed

Surv_16 - The Enemy of my Enemy

Surv_17 - Robots must Die

Mute_01 - The Seven Samurai Completed

Mute_02 - I'II be your Best Fraind Completed

Mute_03 - The Guns of Navaho

Mute_04 - Napalm Sunday

Mute_05 - Be vewwy vewwy Qwiet

Mute_06 - The Rabbit Warren Completed

Mute_07 - The Wall of Death

Mute_08 - ​The Birds

Mute_09 - Repo Team

Mute_10 - The Spiders Lair

Mute_11 - End to the Symmetrics Completed

Mute_12 - Dam it Janet

Mute_13 - Supply Run

Mute_14 - Operation Donut

Mute_15 - Arial Supremacy

Mute_16 - Take the Tower

Mute_17 - End to the Machines

Robo_01 - Driving Miss Daisy Completed

Robo_02 - Bridges of Mad Son County Completed

Robo_03 - Highway to Hell

Robo_04 - Divide and Conquer

Robo_05 - Checkpoint Charlie

Robo_06 - Gopher Hunt Completed

Robo_07 - Humans is Stupid Completed

Robo_08 - Islands in the Stream Completed

Robo_09 - River Runs Through

Robo_10 - Prototype 31 Completed

Robo_11 - Survivors go Home Completed

Robo_12 - Ring a Ring a Rosie

Robo_13 - Walls of Jerry Co

Robo_14 - Grapes of Wrath

Robo_15 - The Lagoon

Robo_16 - Ground to Air

Robo_17 - Mutants Offline

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