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Updated: Sep 11

Hello to all my KKND freaks, here comes a small update to the new content that will appear on my website soon.

As I posted in my Forum, which no one wants to use 😁 there will be a new Multiplayer Map Pack soon which will contain all Campaign Missions from KKND and KKND2: Krossfire. These are 101 maps that have all been rebuilt by hand so that you can play them as multiplayer maps.

Release Date is December 2022

The Second one is the Custom Mission Pack X which currently contains 67 Custom Missions from 6 Creators. I know it's not much over this long Time but I couldn't find more.

Release date is December 2022

To make the waiting a bit easier for you, there are 3 Multiplayer Maps available for Download below. These are Gopher Hunt, The Rabbit Warren and Kamikaze Squad. That's it for this short Update, I wish all KKND fans a lot of fun playing. From now on you will always find news here in the Blog Area.

Early Access
Download 7Z • 31.45MB

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