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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Hello to all my KKND Freaks, here comes a small Update to the new Content that will appear on my website soon.

Custom Mission Pack X

The first would be the Custom Mission Pack X which unfortunately only contains 67 Missions from 6 Creators. The next Custom Mission Pack will probably not come until the end of 2023.

Release Date is October 2022

Multiplayer Map Pack IV

This Pack, which will be released later this Year, Contains all Campaign Missions from KKND, KKND Xtreme and KKND2: Krossfire. In total there are 101 Missions that have been converted into Multiplayer Maps in Hours of manual work. These Multiplayer Maps are Asyncronous (no mirrored Maps like in 99.99987698% of all Multiplayer matches) which means that you will sometimes have an Advantage and your PvP or PvE Opponent will have a Disadvantage or vice versa, Depending on which Position you take on the map.

Release date is 24. December 2022

Campaign 2.0

The Campaign 2.0 is a completely new Campaign for KKND2: Krossfire. This means that you can enjoy the full Game all over again and complete 51 new campain missions. The big Goal is that i do not ignore the Mission Briefings and design each new Campaign Mission in such a way that it stands in the Context of the Original Missions. You can find out how something like this works and what the first Mission of the new Campaign looks like in the Campaign Blog Post.

Release date is 24. December 2023

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