Solar Collector

Solar cells generate energy through sunlight, I know it is unbelievable. The great advantage over oil is that this source of energy is infinite.

Solar Collector.png

Sentry Tower

The Sentry Tower is the lightest defense tower in the army of Survivors. He has a long range but he can do little damage at medium fire frequency.

Sentry Tower.png

Cannon Tower

The Cannon Tower is able to shoot the enemy directly or shoot over obstacles in indirect firing mode.

Cannon Tower.png

AA Tower

The AA Tower of Survivors is characterized by his high range, his accuracy and his excellent damage. This tower hauls everything from the sky, whether beast or drone

AA Tower.png

Solar Collector

Definitive death. This laser tower destroys everything and with extreme precision, no matter if infantry, cyborgs or beasts, it does not matter to this structure. Get some of these and their base is a 2nd Ford Knox

Laser Tower.png