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Z Custom Mission Series

This small blog post is about the Z custom mission series. There is a lot to explain. Not only the Z tile-set is new but also the game mode. But more on that below. The complete Z custom mission series includes all 20 campaign missions from Z.

Since I am currently the only one creating custom missions for kknd2: Krossfire, it will take some time until the custom mission pack xiii is full and can be published. The plan is to publishe the C&C Remaster missions that are already on YouTube, the complete dune 2000 campaign and the complete Z campaign. For this reason you can find the first 2 missions in the desert area for download below.

KKND2: Krossfire Custom Mission Z Level 02

KKND2: Krossfire Custom Mission Z Level 02

Basic Rules

-You and your opponent theoretically have infinite resources unless you do stupid things.

-You and your opponent only have one main building. Your goal is to destroy the enemy main building. If you lose your main building you lose.

-The main buildings can produce vehicles and have integrated defense towers. recognizable by the Z gattling on your main building.

-You have to explore the terrain to discover and capture other production facilities. The more production facilities you have, the more units you can produce.

-The radar station is your research building. There are 5 terrains. desert / vulcano / arctic / jungle / city each terrain has a different technic level.

-You can't build buildings. If one of your production buildings is destroyed, the score is 1:0 for your opponent.

-Infantry units can walk through water like in the original Z. Vehicles can't do that.

-It is advisable to set up delivery points for your production facilities. Otherwise some units in the building will remain standing.

-You can save and load.

-You and your opponent have the same resources and the same units. If you lose, it's simply because you're too bad and not because of the level design. Don't disappoint commander ZOD.

That's all you need to know about how to play the Z custom mission series. Below you will find the download link to the first two missions. I think the complete series will be available for download in Custom Mission Pack xiii at the end of the year.

Download ZIP • 7.09MB

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