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How to Make a Balance Patch

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Do you find that KKND2: Krossfire is not balanced? Then I'll show you how to create your own balance patch.

First we open KKND2: Krossfire and go to "Unit Editor" in the main menu. There we first create a new patch and choose a name. After confirming we end up in the editor. There you can now edit units, buildings and defense towers as you wish.

I'm going to make the Machine Gunner an almost invincible hero for this example. When you're done, save your Patch.

Now you can select under "Unit Stats" your Patch. In the multiplayer game, your patch now works normally.

But if you want to play your patch in the campaign, there are only on option. The first is to start a multiplayer Match with your patch, Select it under "Unit Stats. it doesn't matter if you play against the AI or against a player. In the game you have to quit the game immediately and go back

to the main menu. If you now start a campaign or load a campaign mission, You will see that your patch also works here. If you exit the game and reopen it, The effect is gone. Thats the trick. This option was intentionally implemented by the developers.

You can find you patch in the KKND2: Krossfire Directory under C:/Games/KKND Krossfire/UCONFIG

As you can see, this hero can take quite a beating before he dies. I increased the armour and hitpoints but set the weapon range to 0 so he can withstand a lot but not shoot. make sure that every value has a meaning. That was all there is to know about it.

Unfortunately there is nothing to download this time. but if you have created a patch and want to publish it, feel free to contact me.

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