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How to Make a Custom Campaign

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I'm going to explain how you can design your own Campaigns for KKND2: Krossfire. You can then play them as if they were the Original campaign. What we need for this project is the KME 2.0 you can find it in the Download Area.

I'm currently designing a completely new campaign. My plan is to design new Missions that keep the Context of the Original Mission Briefings. Let's take for Example the first Mission of Series 9 - Driving Miss Daisy. The task of the Mission is to move an Attack Robot through a human-infested area to get to another Base. On the way there we should kill all Survivors.

That sounds pretty simple and offers so many new possibilities for interpretation. So let's begin. First of all we need a Custom Mission. Since "Driving Miss Daisy" had an urban setting, I naturally also opted for an If you don't know how to create a custom mission, You should read my other blog posts first. For this remake we need a protagonist named Daisy.

On the following Picture you can see the new Daisy. She now has to fight her way through the Urban Area to get to the second Base.

You have to make sure that there are no logic gaps. In contrast to an AI, humans are able to find and exploit something like that. A small example is the target base. I built a small Series 9 outpost without any power source. Theoretically, the player could have sold a few buildings and built reinforcements himself. To prevent this, you can give the building the "Player Lose if Killd" attribute. This is in the Proberties under "Creature Flags". Now the player loses if he loses a single building.

The ensuing problem was that the Survivor units were attacking the target base. So that went wrong too. Another problem where the player could see where his Target is. That took the fun out of the mission. So I decided to hand over the target base to an AI that cooperates with the player. The enemy also cooperates with the target base. The target base does not cooperate with the survivors. Thus, the base defense can support the player and fight the survivors but is not attacked from the Survivors.

Finding a good balance takes a lot of testing but if you have created a good mission you can now export it.

Now we come to the part that turns a custom mission into a campaign mission. There are two folders in the download file at the bottom of the Blog Post. The mission as a custom mission and on the other hand the mission as a campaign mission. You can test them almost anywhere you want.

To convert a custom mission to a campaign mission you just have to change the file extension of the .lpc file to .lps. The .mis file remains as it is. The game only recognizes missions with the following names:

mute_01 - mute_17

robo_01 - robo_17

surv_01 - surv_17

Now you can copy these 2 files into the folder

C:/Games/KKND Krosfire/LEVELS

Custom Mission


Custom Campaign

Test Mission.lpc

.lpc ➞ .lps


Test Mission.mis

.mis = .mis


This will overwrite the original campaign missions. It is therefore recommended to save the original missions in a separate folder. If they are lost you can get them back from the CD version.

If you have done everything correctly and now start the game and select a mission, Your custom mission will be loaded instead of the original campaign. In this video you can see how it works in the Game.

always, I thank you for reading and wish you a lot of fun with the first mission of a completely new campaign for KKND2: Krossfire.

Download 7Z • 939KB

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