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Multiplayer Map Pack IV

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Before Everyone skips to the Download Area on December 24th

i would like to say a few Words. Converting these 101 Campaign Missions into Multiplayer Maps took over 360 Hours over several Months. I offer this Download and all others on my KKND Site for Free.

I would therefore be very Happy about a Donation to be able to Continue my Work and my Service. You can easily donate with a Debit or Credit Card via the PayPal Donate Buttom in the Top Right-Hand Corner or if you have a PayPal Account directly via PayPal.

Even if you donate just one Dollar you are helping me to maintain this Service and let me develop a Multiplayer Map Pack or the Custom Campaign 2.0. This is the only way to keep this Service free of Advertising.

I wish all KKND Freaks a Merry Christmas and a good Start into the new Year.


But now we come to Multiplayer Map Pack IV. It contains all Campaign Maps from KKND, KKND Xtreme and KKND2: Krossfire in a total of 101 Maps. These Multiplayer Maps are Asyncronous (no mirrored Maps like all other Multiplayer matches) which means that you will sometimes have an Advantage and your PvP or PvE Opponent will have a Disadvantage or vice versa, Depending on which Position you take on the map.

I didn't bother labeling each Map with 2v2 or 4v4. In KKND2: Krossfire, each Multiplayer Map had eight Starting Points. But not every Map has the Size for eight Camps. That's why some Camps have multiple Strting Points. For example, you can play with two Players in one camp against two other Players in another Camp. You can recognize the individual Camps because the Starting Points are very close Together.

Some Maps also have very few Oil Patches. This isn't a Mistake or anything.

As you probably know, there are 3 Maps in KKND2: Krossfire that appear twice in the Campaign. These are the Final Missions of each Faction. Since it makes no Sense to use the same Map twice, I left one Original and Rebuilt the Other. In the following Pictures you can see the Differences.

Mutants Offline Death to the Freaks

Robots Must Die End to the Machines

Survivors go Home End to the Symmetrics


Now there is a list of all Maps that are in this Pack. Since these are Campaign Maps, it is also a listing of all Campaign Missions from KKND, KKND Xtreme and KKND2: Krossfire.




Map - 01

The Next Generation

Return of the Slugs

Map - 02

Build an Outpost

Repel Them

Map - 03

Withstand the Raiding Party

Bubblin Crude

Map - 04

Rescue the Scout

Raid the Fort

Map - 05

Toll Gate


Map - 06

Exterminate the Village


Map - 07

Protect the Convoy

Release the Prisoners

Map - 08

Back to the Beach

Smash the Convoy

Map - 09

Rescue the Commander

Fight for Territory

Map - 10

Occupation Force

Close Encounters

Map - 11

Give me Liberty

The End of the World

Map - 12

Surgical Strike

The Big Attack

Map - 13

Hold the Bridge

Battle for the Islands

Map - 14

The Rout - Retreat

The Final Assult

Map - 15


Counter Attack

KKND Xtreme



Map - 01


​Fresh Meat

Map - 02

Counter Attack

The Amoeba

Map - 03


The Gauntlet

Map - 04

Trickle Feed

Stand and Fight

Map - 05


The Prophecy

Map - 06

Bug Hunt


Map - 07

The Infiltrator

The Pursuit

Map - 08

Jail Break

Hive Mind

​Map - 09

​Wagons Ho


Map - 10

Tag Team

Hand of God

KKND 2 Krossfire



Series 9

Map - 01

Heavy Weapons Operation

The Seven Samurai

Driving Miss Daisy

Map - 02

Impending Annihilation

I'II be your Best Fraind

Bridges of Mad Son County

Map - 03

Phoenix River Suicide Trip

The Guns of Navaho

Highway to Hell

Map - 04

The Great Escape

Napalm Sunday

Divide and Conquer

Map - 05

First to the Middle

Be vewwy vewwy Qwiet

Checkpoint Charlie

Map - 06

Hide and Seek

The Rabbit Warren

Gopher Hunt

Map - 07

Kamikaze Squad

The Wall of Death

Humans is Stupid

Map - 08

Death from Above

​The Birds

Islands in the Stream

Map - 09

Special Delivery

Repo Team

River Runs Through

Map - 10

Strike Three

The Spiders Lair

Prototype 31

Map - 11

Death to the Freaks

End to the Symmetrics

Survivors go Home

Map - 12

Lets get Technical

Dam it Janet

Ring a Ring a Rosie

Map - 13

The Convoy

Supply Run

Walls of Jerry Co

Map - 14

Charlie don't Surf

Operation Donut

Grapes of Wrath

Map - 15

This Aint Avalon

Arial Supremacy

The Lagoon

Map - 16

The Enemy of my Enemy

Take the Tower

Ground to Air

Map - 17

Robots must Die

End to the Machines

Mutants Offline

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